14 Islands Film Challege

This page features a selection of entries. <br /><br />The Bahamas 14 Islands Film Challenge is a golden opportunity for you to break into the world of film at the same time as breaking out of your local area and into one of the most exotic locations in the world. <br /><br />Lights, camera, action! <br />If you have a passion for storytelling and a gift for filmmaking, then it’s time for action. 14 winners will be flown out to The Islands of The Bahamas and provided with everything from crew to equipment necessary for them to bring their film idea to life. <br /><br />The stuff that dreams are made of <br />Dream prizes, dream locations – this really is a dream opportunity for the right 14 filmmakers. All flights and accommodation (your stay will be hosted by a local Bahamian family) will be paid for and, in addition, you’ll receive £1000 towards any UK travel costs and expenses incurred in The Islands of The Bahamas. <br /><br />A unique perspective for a unique competition <br />We’re looking for filmmakers with an eye and an ear for other people’s stories as well as their own. <br /><br />In The Bahamas, it’s said that every story starts with a smile, and everyone you meet has a story to tell, like local calypso singer and storytelling legend, Dr Seabreeze, who will give you an uplifting injection of old-time music. Or Romeo Farrington, the taxi driver who gave some special attention to a passenger who turned out to be a Hollywood producer, landing Romeo a speaking (and singing) role in Jaws IV. <br /><br />Register now <br />Filmmakers: what we need to start with is a 500 word synopsis for a 2-3 minute film about a local hero from where you live; someone with a story to tell, or who’s always telling stories, or perhaps who would tell their story if only they had your filmmaking talents. <br />