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Ex music journalist, music DJ and promoter, ex break-dancer and amateur musician. Now I have Family Business in tourism advertising and sometimes work like archaeologist-antiquarian. I`m a passionary VideoClips collector and interesting me only videos from period 80`-95`(today's robotic-programs-music-crap I never listen) and I have in this moment (25.08.2010) approximately about 255 000 videoclips plus more 650 original DVD`s compilations and about more 1600 VHS & 250 BETAMAX video tapes that probably I will never can`t reach to riped. Never in my life I have not sold a any single video (I don`t have anything against people who sell videos - just I don`t believe them, and of course I despise video-pirats) but be glad to exchange with some other true and real collector,for the rare video clips. All videos which I can't present on dailymotion because of copyright - you can see here on Vimeo
This is little sample with 2o ooo VideoClips from my arhive which is in my opinion can be interesting
p.s.Most important; videoclips is Not for Sale - only for Exchange!


Puoi caricare qualche video di sandra mondaini e Raimondo vianello ?
November by Lalita
This information was received three weeks ago - ''Due to a recent technical incident, some of the videos uploaded to your channel between September 2013 and April 2014 may be temporarily unavailable. We appreciate your patience as we continue to work towards resolving this issue.'' Sorry for this to all my follovers and others peoples which love my channel. I hope soon all this video is back techn
September by -BOXI-
Ulia Khomenko
HI Boxi.Good to see you again.
Maybe you remember me from discovideos.com/
2 years ago by Ulia Khomenko